My Time in KSA…The Good, The bad & The Ugly

As my time in Saudi comes to an end, I’ve been reflecting on my time spent here, the good, the bad & the ugly…

The good…


Clock Tower, Makkah

TRAVEL: since KSA is in the Middle East, it’s super cheap to travel to Europe, Asia, Africa, your choice. Plus it’s incredibly easy to go to other Middle Eastern countries, Dubai for like $200-300 (can’t beat that).

Vacation Time: Most jobs give you at least one month paid vacation!

Makkah & Madinah are only a bus ride or flight away. I lost count of how many times I went to Madinah and I’ve been to Makkah twice. 


The Kaaba, Makkah

Everything’s CHEAP!! Food, clothes, EVERYTHING!!!

Save tons!! Who can say no to no taxes and free/low cost housing?!

Exposure to other people and cultures…I have literally met people from all over the world, not even an exaggeration. Ex: I worked with a few Georgian teachers, as in from the country not state. I had never met a Georgian or even heard about them outside of the news before Saudi.

Time to reflect: A good thing about KSA is that there aren’t a lot of things to do so you have plenty of time to focus on your goals and “find yourself”

The bad…

The weather is horrid, as in scorching hot 24/7 unless it’s winter when it’s freezing. Take my advice don’t go to Riyadh in the summer!

Transportation can get complicated since women can’t drive…Alhamdulillah there’s Uber!! Don’t know what I’d do without it tbh.

Being on someone else’s schedule aka constantly waiting for drivers **eye roll**

Living & working with the same people…I prefer to have a separate work and home life and it can get exhausting seeing the same people everywhere. At the same time, you can really get to know some amazing people

Entertainment…What’s that?? If it’s not a restaurant and/or a mall, you’re probably not going to do it. Basically if you want to get out of the house, you’ll be spending money. There are parks but it’s wayyy too hot to go the majority of the year. There’s always camping (eat and drink in the desert then go home and sleep) but the logistics can get complicated since you can’t drive and need a trusted person to take you. No one wants to get stranded in the middle of nowhere, literally! 

The ugly…

Choosing the wrong company…ultimately people’s experiences really depend on their company. My experience could have been better to say the least.

Desert Safari outside of Riyadh



  1. Renaissance Woman · June 1

    Ramadhan Mubarak,

    Just read your post about Saudi – it’s spot on, al humdullilah. Every place you go has the good, bad, and ugly. No matter what though you are forever changed, your horizons broadened by traveling, al humdullilah.


  2. Nana · June 1

    How I love reading your blogs…. I have not had much time to get to know you close , but the hours we had spent chatting and discussing different topics, were really exceptional!!!!
    Welcome to Georgia anytime, dear!


  3. Keen$ · June 2

    This blog post was insightful. Hope you have the best experience in your new destination Inshaallah

    Liked by 1 person

  4. raghulam · August 22

    Makkah and Madinah are Always the best part about living in KSA.
    Yes, The weather is Sooo bad and You can’t spend much time in parks and Relax because its so hot.
    Loved reading your Blog 😄


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