Food, Food and more Food

It’s Ramadan, so of course I’m thinking about food…There are a few things that I’m more passionate about than food. I would say that I’m a picky eater, but at the same time I eat a lot. I’ve been a pescatarian for eight and a half years now. Originally, I was just trying out not eating meat (chicken, beef, lamb, etc.) for a month, which turned into six months and now it’s been over eight years. Now, having such a particular diet can make eating while traveling difficult sometimes. So, I made a list of places I’ve travelled to with the best food! =)


IMG_4498Omg! The food I had in Bali was probably the best that I’ve ever had, whether it was at small, local restaurants or larger, fancier ones. Bali was the first time that I ever got up for the breakfast included with my hotel. They have tons of fresh, tropical fruits that I had never tried before, like dragonfruit, passionfuit and more. Of course, I had the juices back home, but never the actual fruits. Bali also has amazing fried noodles. I had them for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner. You get it? So delicious!! It’s also very easy to find halal food in Bali, so you don’t have to worry about pork products being used. Since Bali is an island, there’s tons of seafood! The best thing about Balinese cuisine is how fresh and flavorful it is. 



Lobster, Mango & Avocado & Ceviche

I’ve been to a few cities in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Segovia and Toledo)- all of which have really good food. Obviously, Spain is famous for tapas (small plates) and paella, which are tasty. However, my favorite thing about Spain is the really good specialty restaurants like cevicherías (ceviche restaurants), marisquerías (seafood restaurants), pulperías (octopus restaurants) and more! Basically Spain is a pescatarian’s destination. So much fresh seafood and veggies!! My favorite Spanish dish is the Spanish tortilla or omelette made from fried potatoes and onions-aka the perfect breakfast! 

IMG_4007San Miguel Market is a good place to try different types of Spanish food. I had different types of calamari and ceviche there. I loved the variety of food and not having to settle on just one type. Everything comes in small portions so you can try many different things at once. The only downside is it’s a bit expensive compared to other places in the city, but still cheap compared to American prices i.e. €20 or $22. The only downside with food in Spain is that you have to be careful about the large amount of pork products in food. Aside from that, it’s perfect! 

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is an up and coming tourist destination for food and architecture. Like Spain, there are many pescatarian and vegetarian options. Being a coastal city, there are so many options for fresh, local seafood and vegetables. There’s a lot of pork, similar to Spain, but it’s still fairly easy to find halal food. Portugal has tapas or small plates, also like Spain, so you can order many and different things to try, instead of just one. My favorite tapa in Lisbon was pan-fried, crispy sardines with garlic. Yes, sardines!!